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Tellement Speciale, cette Ferrari 488 Pista 2019 est l'ultime Ferrari V8

Tellement Speciale, cette Ferrari 488 Pista 2019 est l'ultime Ferrari V8

The 710 horsepower Ferrari 488 is the pinnacle of the 488 lineup. It is a car that retails from $ 689,000 at Ferrari Quebec in Montreal.

When this Ferrari first hit the market and organized its launch, Ferrari's only instructions were to drive it and be back in time for lunch at the Ristorante Cavallino, next to the factory.

The 488 Pista, pista means "track" in Italian, is the fourth in a series of limited editions, focused on the track. These are the two-seater mid-engined V8 versions from Ferrari. The first was the 2004 360 Challenge Stradale, a car so extraordinary it made you want to bite into life. Then came the 430 Scuderia, another simple, ridiculously fast and rare Ferrari. The 458 Speciale followed. She more than deserved her name.

The engine: power to savor

engine power of the Ferrari 488 Pista black interior montreal

The engine power of the Pista is a real delight. A 3.9-liter twin-turbo dry-sump V8 is at the center of the car. As for the 488GTB core that the Pista is based on, 50% of the Pista's engine parts are new. A lighter crankshaft and Y-wheel make the titanium connecting rods lighter and reduce inertia by 17%. The compression ratio drops from 9.4: 1 to 9.6: 1, and more aggressive cams work in conjunction with shorter intake channels and a new Inconel exhaust manifold that reduces back pressure and weighs 21 pounds lighter than the GTB cast unit. Ferrari therefore found an additional 49 horsepower and lost almost 40 pounds on the V8. In total, Ferrari claims a weight reduction of 176 pounds compared to the GTB. Furthermore,

The 710 horsepower of the engine not only arrives, they land with a bang, taking the breath of any spectator. The power does not peak, it stabilizes. From 6,750 rpm to the starting line of 8,000 rpm, the V8 continues to develop its 710 horsepower. Shifts from first to second and third never drop below 6,750 rpm, so even after a gear change you're still in 710 horsepower land. The launch control is actuated by a launch button located on the LaFerrari-type carbon flush that comes out of the center console. If you press the button, then keep one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator, the Pista will spin the engine at 3,000 rpm before take off. If you are not ready, your head will spin. Even though the Pista only sends torque to the rear wheels, fine tuning the torque curve, power distribution, and available traction is a telling answer.

The peculiarities of the Pista

Ferrari 488 a montreal exterieur rouge

Even on bitumen, springs that are 8-10 percent stiffer are still livable. As in the 488GTB, the magneto-rheological dampers soften the bumps. The interior space is surprisingly large, and the view to the exterior is panoramic.

It is especially outside the car that the images are most impressive. A new carbon front bumper inspired by that of the 488 Challenge race car essentially places a wing between the headlights to increase downforce. A carbon spoiler at the rear pushes the Pista even more on the road. A change in the orientation of the front radiators allowed engineers to modify the spoiler around the bumper to further increase downforce. On the rear fenders, larger openings are dedicated entirely to intercoolers.

Even though its limits are restrictive, the car never gets bored on the street: tight corners, high speeds, bumps in the middle of a turn, quick transitions and spandex riders will all take your breath away. Driving it below its potential on the street is just as exciting as the steering, brakes and powertrain all sing the same song, rest assured.

So it's time to book your test drive to be able to live the 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista Coupé experience in Montreal. Don't wait any longer, contact Ferrari Quebec in Montreal and then hit the streets of Montreal behind the wheel of your brand new Pista Coupe. Vroom!

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