Drivers must possess a valid and current racing license; a minimum of a Club or Regional racing license will be accepted. Drivers who have not raced at Circuit Mont Tremblant in the past may be required to have a minimum of at least one (1) testing day evaluated by Circuit Mont Tremblant officials in order to enter.

Racing Categories

GT CHALLENGE (open to all production, G70 plus and club sport sedans)

FORMULA LIBRE 1 (open to open-wheel Formula 1600cc/Fit 1500cc race cars)

FORMULA LIBRE 2 (open to all open-wheel formula race cars and sport racers)

G70 & G90 PLUS (gentlemen racing, open to production and sport cars from 1973-1994)

VINTAGE / HISTORIC (gentlemen racing, open to production and sport cars up to 1972)

For More Information

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